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Religious Dogma Part 1: What is Dogma?

What is dogma? Dogma is an authoritative principle, belief, or statement of ideas or opinion, especially one considered to be absolutely true. Whether it’s Islam, Christianity, Judaism or Ifa, I am not a fan of some of the dogma coming from religions.

Dogma can breed ignorance, and at times imprison the mind. It doesn't matter if it’s European, Asian or African. If you take it all literal, you have the potential to be mentally enslaved to something that doesn't even exist. Until we stop glorifying Africa in ignorance and embrace Africa and the ancestors in truth, we are going to continue to hurt ourselves. It is not the religion you belong to that saves you. Stop looking outside yourself.

Africa cannot save you. Orunmila cannot save you. Jesus or Yashua or whatever you want to call him, cannot save you. Orisa cannot save you. Angelic beings cannot save you. The Eloheem, Elohim, Elohym or whatever spelling you want to use cannot and will not save you. Allah will not save you. Allahumma cannot save you. The Anunnaqi will not save you. Battlestar Galactica will not save you. Christianity will not save you. Islam cannot save you. Hebraism, Judaism, nor whatever "ism" will not and cannot save you. A brother from another planet cannot and will not save you. The spiritual system of Ifa will not save you.

This is why the elders will tell you “now go and initiate yourself. All of these are tools that can be used to assist in the elevation of consciousness. You must understand ultimately, it lies within you. Awaken the inner Goddess in you. All this other crap is a by-product called experience, which is needed for the development of the soul.

Baba Akasanmon Alatunse

Ifa Priest & Astro-Numerologist

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