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The Christ Seed Within You

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

We learned from our ancestors, the axiom, as above so below as below so above. "That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above, corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracles of the One Thing." This is known as the Law of Correspondence; the things that are happening in the heavens are happening on the earth and things that are happening on the earth are happening in the heavens, so says the law. By knowing this, one is able to identify when their own portals are opening and closing based on their divine blueprint. When one studies religion or mythology there’s usually a central character that is a redeemer of man or a character that becomes associated with being superhuman. This character is associated with resurrection (from the dead) or brings forth new life. In antiquity the resurrection was associated with the new Moon. So if one was able to identify when their personal new Moon takes place, one would discover when their own resurrection would take place. Or what the ancients say when the Moon enters into the zodiac sign the sun was in at the time of your birth, the Christ seed is born. This is to say when your transit Moon forms a conjunction (forms a perfect alignment) i.e. crossing paths with your natal sun, there is a Christ seed that is being conceived and your wants and needs are in alignment. The Christ seed is produced every 29 and ½ days. It is very important during this time that the man doesn’t waste his seed. The seed is produced and moves into the spinal canal if not wasted (ejaculation). Located in the spinal column, the spinal cord in the spinal canal is being lubricated by the spinal fluid. This is where the baptism takes place. The Sun and the Moon represent the masculine and feminine energies coming together to create this Christ energy. The law of opposites coming together creates wholeness. Or the twins (Ibeji) coming together and leading us to the quintessential road within.

Once again this seed is produced every 29 and ½ days. It is produced in the solar plexus (bread basket) i.e. Bethlehem, and moves into the spinal canal in the spinal column where the spinal fluid is lubricating the spinal cord as well as lubricating the brain. It then can be raised up to the skull, i.e. Golgotha or Mt. Calvary, through meditation, pranayama and/or Tao sexual alchemy, and Kunyaza techniques. Remember if you are a male you shouldn’t waste your seed and the woman should be visualizing the desired results. During this time one doesn’t need to have sex to benefit from this energy (though it is ideal). By knowing when this portal is open, one can capitalize on this energy by prayer, meditation, and ritual to bring him peace, i.e. Jerusalem. Therefore it is very important to have the proper focus during this time period.

Note: Bethlehem means house of bread; Jerusalem means an abode of peace and Golgotha and Calvary means skull.

Baba Akasanmon Oloye Alatunse

Ifa Priest & Astro-Numerologist

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