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The Rainbow Serpent (Osumare)

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

The rainbow inside of us is the seven major awuje (chakras) and is the bridge going from earth to heaven. In Isese Lagba it is called Òsùmarè, the rainbow serpent. It is said in Yorubaland that the rainbow is the excretion of a large Boa (serpent) across the sky. With this saying, we see that the rainbow is linked with the serpent. The rainbow is symbolic of higher consciousness and is associated with dreams.

In mythologies throughout the world the rainbow is a symbolic bridge going from earth to heaven, and is a link taking you to a higher realm of consciousness. It is this vehicle that keeps you in communication with the divine. In alchemy it is known as the philosopher’s stone.

In nature a rainbow is produced when the light of the sun refracts as it hits the raindrop. The raindrop in this case performs as a prism. The remaining light is reflected in the drop and then it refracts at a 42 degree angle as it leaves and produces the rainbow. Without water, a rainbow can’t be produced.

By studying the law of correspondence, as above so below; as below, so above, we understand things in nature correspond to things inside of us. The rainbow serpent inside of us are called kundalini energy and the chakras in India. The 7 major chakras vibrate the colors of the rainbow and the kundalini, is the serpent. In science this is the visible electromagnetic spectrum. The rainbow being created from the different frequencies of light. Each chakra vibrates on different frequencies producing variations of colors. Color is based on the wavelength of light on the electromagnetic spectrum. Frequency is based upon how many waves pass per second of a defined point. A wavelength is defined as “the successive distance between peaks or valleys of a wave”. Thus, the longer the wavelength the lower the frequency. The shorter the wavelength, the higher the frequency. Red being the longest wavelength and the lowest frequency. Violet being the shortest wavelength and the highest frequency. Together Red and Violet serve as the book ends of the visible electromagnetic spectrum, which collectively produces a rainbow.

The father of the rainbow of light is white light (Obatala, Orisa-nla). The rainbow of colors is Osumare stretching from aye (earth )to Orun (heaven) serving as a bridge.

The bridge from earth to heaven is the link to higher consciousness. This bridge is activated by the breath. The breath is the essence of life and in Ifa we say Olódùmarè (God) is the breath of life. It is through the breath that we are able to raise kundalini energy and it is the breath that fuels the fire within. It is through feeding and raising this fire that will enable you to become spiritually awakened. In Isese Lagba this is called the stretching of Òsùmarè. It is said Òsùmarè stretched his body from the earth to heaven and saw (God). Òsùmarè is the eyes of Olodumare (God) -- Owonrin Ogunda.

Beloved go within, and awaken your Ori and move toward transcendence. Ori means to ‘see’ (like with perception of the eyes.). In essence, the stretching of the rainbow serpent (Òsùmarè) i.e. kundalini, is a way awakening your Ori (your divine consciousness). Awo Sàngódaré Fágbèmí Ifa Priest & Astro-numerologist

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